Friday, April 22, 2005

Here's 10 Free iTunes - Please Like Me

Long time no post. So... does anyone actually read this? Does anyone care? Do I even matter? Sob.

Ok, on to the free stuff. AVAYA is giving away 10 free iTunes songs (looks like US/Canada only, let me know). Well, not exactly free; they get to send you advertising. And if you're willing to subject yourself to a face-to-face meeting for the hard-sell, you get an iPod shuffle. Yeaaah... I just took the 10 free songs, thank you.

Check the expiration dates for the offers. It took a little more than a week for them to send me a link for the free songs. Hurry. Support this blog; use my iTunes links. And you're welcome. Please like me.

Update: Expired.


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Soundtrack For Nostalgia

Since checking out my old neighborhoods on Google Maps, I thought I could use a little music to enhance my nostalgia. "Life In a Northern Town" by The Dream Academy should do the trick. Whenever I hear this song, comforting memories from my childhood flicker in my mind like faded, grainy films... oh wait, that was just their music video.

Life In a Northern Town
"Life In a Northern Town" by The Dream Academy

or get it from


Monday, April 11, 2005

I Can See My House!

Google Maps is the coolest! I don't know why it's so exciting looking at my house in a satellite photo, but it is. I've also been plugging in all my old addresses and checking out neighborhoods I haven't been to in years, decades even. Tracing old routes, remembering places, noticing changes; it just brings up such strong feelings of nostalgia. Even if it's just a satellite picture looking down from above.


Friday, April 08, 2005

Nikka Costa Fan Site Not Just For Stalkers

All you stalkers and fans can get the latest news on Nikka at Nikka Costa Net. It's updated more often than the official site. And a nice bonus - Nikka's out-of-print album Butterfly Rocket is available for download along with some other rare tracks in the downloads section.

And after you download your free music, support Nikka and this site: buy some stuff!

Nikka Costa Net - A Nikka Costa Fan Site