Friday, April 22, 2005

Here's 10 Free iTunes - Please Like Me

Long time no post. So... does anyone actually read this? Does anyone care? Do I even matter? Sob.

Ok, on to the free stuff. AVAYA is giving away 10 free iTunes songs (looks like US/Canada only, let me know). Well, not exactly free; they get to send you advertising. And if you're willing to subject yourself to a face-to-face meeting for the hard-sell, you get an iPod shuffle. Yeaaah... I just took the 10 free songs, thank you.

Check the expiration dates for the offers. It took a little more than a week for them to send me a link for the free songs. Hurry. Support this blog; use my iTunes links. And you're welcome. Please like me.

Update: Expired.


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