Monday, April 17, 2006

Power Ballad Monday

I was watching that new show on ABC, What About Brian. Boy, can I relate to that guy! Trouble with women? We're like, you know, the same. Well, except that I don't really know any hot girls, or like have friends, or have my own place, or have a job. Other than that, we're like the same, man!

That leads me to today's power ballad, "All Out of Love" by Air Supply. It was in that scene with Brian in his car, the stuck radio, the cute girl in the next car. I know it barely qualifies as a power ballad, but it is a ballad. And it does kinda make the heart swell with, what does Carl call it, "human feeling"?

All Out of Love
"All Out of Love" by Air Supply


Thursday, April 13, 2006

You Need An iPod

Don't you kinda feel left out? I know I do. I want to fit in with the cool kids. All I have is a piece of crap mp3 player with a parallel port connector; it doesn't work with Windows XP so it's pretty much useless. I could always go retro with my Sony Walkman. Hmmm, I wonder how many cassette tapes it'll take to hold 30 GB of music? Can I even buy cassette tapes? Man, I should just buy an iPod Shuffle. It's only about $70 for the cheapest one. And I can even buy it within iTunes. Then maybe the cool kids will let me hang with them.

Fit In. Get An iPod.

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Welcome Back Nelly Furtado

My favorite Portuguese Canadian is back on the scene with new music. Her single "No Hay Igual" is available now on iTunes. The rest of the album, Loose, should drop May 24. The sound is kinda different than her previous music - more hiphop, less folk. But don't be hatin' just 'cause it's different. Have you ever listened to certain music so much you got sick of it? Well, creative musicians can get sick of doing the same music endlessly too.

Update: Joey from the comments says Loose lets loose on June 20. And if Joey says so, it must be true.

No Hay Igual (Club Mix)
"No Hay Igual (Club Mix)" by Nelly Furtado


Monday, April 10, 2006

Power Ballad Monday

Is it Power Ballad Monday already? Wow, time sure flies when you're sitting on your ass. Ok, this week's power ballad is "Close My Eyes Forever" by Lita Ford and Ozzy. To fully appreciate this song, I suggest listening late at night while holding a lit lighter overhead.

"Close My Eyes Forever" by Lita Ford & Ozzy Osbourne

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Monday, April 03, 2006

Power Ballad Monday

I declare today to be Power Ballad Monday! I just noticed today that iTunes Essentials has a Power Ballad category. What better way to start off a Monday and get the juices flowing than with a power ballad? So every Monday (or until I get sick of it) I'm gonna suggest a power ballad. This weeks suggestion is "Sara" by Jefferson Starship. I only listen to this song when I'm alone, so nobody can see me cry while I sing along.

"Sara" by Jefferson Starship

Amazon? Yes, please:


I Wanna Touch Joan Jett (Oh Yeah)

I'm a sucker for bad girls. Tough chicks just do it for me. I can't help it. And who's tougher than Joan Jett? That's what I thought. And yes, Joan, I do wanna touch you. Oh yeah!

Bad Reputation
Bad Reputation by Joan Jett

Amazon, anyone? (Used? Imports? Get outta here!):


Sunday, April 02, 2006

Hot Blondes

I don't know what's the matter with me. I'm on some sort of nostalgia kick lately. Must be getting old. Anyhoo... Remember Audrey and Judy Landers? "Dallas"? "B.J. and the Bear"? I had such a crush on Judy as Stacks. They're not on TV much (too bad, 'cause they're still hot) but they do have their own production company. And Audrey has a couple of albums on iTunes. Not exactly my cup o' tea; it sounds like "mom music". Which is ok, if you're a mom.

Audrey Landers